Michael Panak

IT Director

City of Zephyrhills

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"The City of Zephyrhills has contracted with Infotect Design Solutions since October 2000. The original network was designed and installed with the help of Infotect. Over the past 15 years, Infotect has provided the city with solutions such as network design, network security, and website upgrades along with consultations on projects such as infrastructure hardware upgrades and server migration. For the past 5 years, the city has contracted with Infotect's Managed Services which provides monitoring of servers, network backups and automatic deployment of OS upgrades and security patches for our Microsoft Windows environment.

Additionally, by using Infotect, we were able to keep our staffing levels lower than most, if not all, cities our size. The City of Zephyrhills is very satisfied with the level of expertise, timliness of solution and overall value of contracting with Infotect."

Terry Cradick

President &


Pepper Contracting Services


"Since 2001 you have been our business partner and I want to express my sincere appreciation for your talent and the consistent support of your skilled staff. With all the changes in technology and our company's growth, Infotect has not missed a beat. A great track record!

Pepper has doubled in size since 2001 and as we grew, Infotect grew with us.

As an example; the quarterly planning meetings you implemented many years ago and we continue to do. Reviewing the ICAP reports, setting goals for our future investments and sharing what is trending in our industry has made us more efficient. Just to add, the set-up of our infrastructure has many layers of security and it is a testament to your abilities that we have never had a breach. 

We look forward to a continued and mutually successful relationship with Infotect."

Tom Woodward

Senior project manager

Nelson Construction 

"Infotect Design Solutions has been our sole outside computer and networking consultant for over 14 years. When we first hired them the company consisted of Steve Williams and a dream. Steve has successfully grown the company while maintaining the excellent level of service he personally delivered when he first started the company. 

We have continually challenged the Infotect team to deliver high quality networking in a secure work environment at a low cost. Yes, we want it all and they have delivered. 

Our company headquarters is  only a small part of our operation. Most of the work we do is done at remote field offices or literally in the field. Over the years, Infotect has led the effort to put the infrastructure in place for us to go from an end user backed system with files stored locally to a truly networked system with file storage and backups both network based. All of our projects, emails, estimates, accounting and bidding functions are now centrally administered and backed up. This was done in a cost effective and timely manner. The backup systems they put in place were a real life saver when several of our servers were damaged due to a roof leak. No data was lost and our network was fully functional within hours, not days or weeks. 

While the technical skills of Infotect are to be admired, perhaps the biggest reason we have stayed with them over the years is the company personality. While they are experts in their field, they recognize that our users are not. Construction superintendents are used to operating earth moving equipment, not computers, but the Infotect people all work with them with great patience and are able to put issues into non-technical language so that the end users understand what they need to do. 

We highly recommend Infotect Design Solutions for computer and networking needs."

previous projects

  • Initiation of network design including multiple buildings utilizing fiber-optic connectivity.
  • Server lifecycle management with standby servers for failover protection.
  • Desktop deployment projects including imaging, application setup and user orientation.
  • Web applications with stringent security requirements and audit capabilities.
  • Project management for technical projects including multiple vendors and data conversion. 
  • RFQ and grant applications development and administration.
  • Design and deployment of computer labs with security, training and documentation.
  • Email migrations from premise to cloud solutions.

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