3CX VoIP now Integrates with your Office 365 Account

Now you can combine the efficiency of using VoIP phones with the seamless platform synchronicity of your Office 365 applications. With the newest version of 3CX, v16, Office 365 users, contacts and statuses are now synced directly with your 3CX phone system. The new Office 365 integration can essentially be grouped into 3 categories, User Sync, Contact Sync and Calendar Sync.

With User Sync, creating extensions is hands free. No need to manually add extensions when new users are brought on. New Office 365 users on your account are added to your extension list almost instantly. They can be managed directly from the 3CX Management console, grouped together as “Azure AD” for your convenience. Now the convenience of syncing users across your Office 365 suite of applications is carried over to your 3CX VoIP system.

Contact Sync eliminates the need to manually add your contacts. Your Office 365 Outlook contacts will automatically sync over to your 3CX system, meaning you can manage your contacts in one place and call them from anywhere. Just by opening the contacts tab on their 3CX phone system, users can view their 3CX contacts.

Calendar Sync will become your new personal assistant for both Office 365 and 3CX. Your 3CX status will automatically change between Busy, Do Not Disturb, Out of Office and more depending on your Outlook calendar. Your status will switch automatically depending on your schedule and can be overridden directly from your 3CX system.

No need to worry about the security of this efficiency boosting integration, 3CX is given fine-tuned read-only permissions to gather the data necessary to make the integration happen. Access can be revoked at any time and syncing will be stopped immediately.

Take control of your efficiency with this newest integration between Office 365 and 3CX. If you’re interested in turning these features on you can read more about the integration details here, including the technology “under the hood”. Contact us today to enable this feature for your 3CX VoIP system.



Infotect Web Admin