Be the Boss of your Data

In our modern society of GDPR and complex compliance policies, it has become so much more important to manage data in a way that secure, efficient and standardized. Sadly, a lot of organizations don’t prioritize data management, due to a lack of a proper and unified corporate management strategy, lack of data governance or policy and overwhelming amounts of complex data sources. Penalties for lack of proper management can range from fines and lawsuits to loss of data or even a data breach.  

In the world of data management there are key areas to focus your energy in to maintain an efficient and secure data environment.

1) Security – Maintaining strict security standards for your data not only behooves the organization to maintain compliance but is critical to upholding the integrity of the organization as a whole. Customers and employees alike trust the management of their data to strong security policies and a breach of data can be unrecoverable for a business in some situations.

2) Recovery – Data should always be recoverable in the event of a disaster or breach. Backups should be done on an established and automated schedule and should cover all important data. Don’t risk losing anything important by ensuring that backups are successful and comprehensive.

3) Retention – Almost as important as being able to recover information after a disaster is being able to pull data from any given point in time. This is key for compliance standards for industries such as government and medical.

4) Quality – Data should always be in a format that’s consistent and ready to use at any given moment. It should be distributed across a multi-platform environment to ensure business continuity and to maintain compliance standards.

5) Monitoring -  Organizational data should be entirely manageable from a single location and formal policies should be implemented for the ongoing monitoring and tracking of data critical to day-to-day operations. 

Keeping these five areas in mind when managing your data will lead to greater confidence in the event of an incident and stronger trust between your organization and your customers and employees. And in an era where improper data management can mean the end to an organization, why wouldn’t you make it a priority?

If you think data management should be a top priority but don’t know where to start, reach out today to see how we can assist!

Infotect Web Admin