What’s new in Windows Server 2019?

Advances in security, cloud scenarios and enterprise-grade hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) are just a few of the highlights that have been released in the now available preview of Windows Server 2019, which will be released for general use in Fall 2018. Built upon the strong and widely adopted foundation of Windows Server 2016, Microsoft continues to make improvements to their platform based on industry feedback and future trends; including Hybrid, Security, Application Platform, and Hyper-converged infrastructure.

Security Improvements – Smart businesses are realizing that it’s no longer “if” your environment will be compromised but “when.” Server 2019 facilitates this notion by assuming that applications and servers within the environment have already been compromised, as opposed to assuming that the firewall will prevent any breaches. Server 2019 comes locked and loaded with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to proactively prevent compromises in environments.

Cloud Scenarios – As on-premise infrastructure slowly moves to hybrid models and even full cloud environments, Server 2019 meets the demand by extending Active Directory, synchronizing file servers, and backing up to the cloud. Hybrid scenarios allow for expanding applications such as IoT and AI to grow in the cloud without having to worry about running out of room to expand, leaving your on premise infrastructure to do all the heavy lifting.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure - The core components of HCI have been improved, such as computing storage and networking. In addition, Microsoft has partnered with industry leaders to bring you a more robust yet cost efficient HCI solution. Management of said infrastructure has also been streamlined to simplify the day-by-day management of HCI environments.

If you can’t wait to get started with Server 2019 after reading about those features, you’re in luck! The preview is available right now to Windows Insiders and will be available for general use this Fall. If you’d like to know more details about Windows Server 2019, read about them here.






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