USF Partnership will bring Specialized Technology Training to recent Grads in Tampa Bay Area

It may be a surprise to you that Tampa Bay is now nationally ranked as one of the “hottest cities for tech jobs” according to a new list put out by TIME Money. But despite this, the Bay Area needs help when it comes to expanding the technology knowledge of our up-and-coming workforce composed of recent grads. A recent partnership established between USF and Revature, a Virginia based IT talent company, seeks to supply this need for skilled workers by hiring, training, and placing grads nationally with Corporations in need of software engineering talent.  

Consider Revature’s plan kind of like a 12-week, post-grad boot camp. Participants learn coding and soft skills, and work on real-word based projects. Going in, applicants agree to be relocated wherever they are placed, but local Companies such as WellCare and Accenture are getting in on the pool of talent as well. Revature has made big plans to hire, train and place nearly 1,500 new software engineers in the next few years and have estimated they will invest approximately 20 million dollars into expanding technology training for recent grads of the Florida State University System.

This partnership cannot come too soon as Tampa has experienced an 81% increase in technology related jobs since last year. Public-private partnerships such as the one between Revature and USF are hoping to attract new companies to the area by providing what Revature’s chief marketing officer calls, “a predictable access to technology talent."

According to TIME, the hottest technology positions in the Tampa Bay area are:

  • Project Manager

  • Systems Administrator

  • Project Coordinator

  • Data Analyst

  • Network Engineer

Part of what makes Tampa so attractive for IT prospects looking to relocate is the ability to get a good salary in a growing industry while enjoying a rather low cost of living. This along with partnerships such as Revature’s will no doubt continue to attract more growing companies and recent grads to the area.

This push for new technology talent will continue as long as Tampa’s IT market is expanding. Companies looking for alternative places to do business will certainly be attracted to Tampa’s blooming economic environment and potential for growth. And this partnership between USF and Revature is just what the area needs to facilitate that growth.

Infotect Web Admin