Find Your Place at Infotect

Here at Infotect are committed to consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations of what they expect from their Managed Services Provider. As our Clients continue to grow, it is important that we grow with them to ensure we are meeting, and exceeding their expectations. Out of this need for growth, we are excited to announce that we will be adding positions to our team and starting the search for a candidate who holds our company values and fits well in our environment.

By providing dedicated roles for each of our Customers, we can customize our ICAP program to fit individual company goals and to ensure continued growth. Each of our Clients gets a Support Desk, a Network Engineer and a System Architect. We have decided to expand our existing Support and Network roles to continue providing exceptional service for our clients. Some of the ideal qualities we look for in candidates are:

•     Ability to stay calm and focused under pressure

•     Professional demeanor and appearance

•     Good written, oral and interpersonal communication skills

•     Self-motivated and open minded, with a desire to learn

•     Decision making: task assignment, priorities, and credibility

•     Quick thinker, creative problem solver

If you think you’d be a superior candidate or know somebody who has the qualities and experience we are looking for, position requirements and descriptions can be found at Once we receive your Resume and Contact Information, we will review your applicable skills and experience to see if there is a place for you at Infotect. If you don’t think one of our open positions describes your qualifications, send us your Resume anyway, we are always looking for individuals with dynamic experience to provide support and help expand our team.

Infotect Web Admin