Is your Business prepared for Hurricane Season?

Unfortunately, even with all the care and preparation that goes into keeping our business safe, planning for natural disasters often takes a backseat to more important things. This hurricane season it is critical that business owners plan ahead for the impact of bad weather and flooding, to ensure that your business isn't left in the dark.


Prepare for a worse than usual Hurricane season

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) has predicted a busier than usual season with 11-17 named storms, compared to the average of 12 storms a season. This stormy season is due to low-level El Niño in the Pacific Ocean and above average surface water temperatures in the Atlantic. 

For more information about NOAA and this hurricane season visit:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association - U.S. Department of Commerce

What you can do to prepare

According to CoreLogic, a firm responsible for financial reporting for insurance industries, Tampa Bay is ranked third in the nation with almost 460,000 at risk from a major hurricane. At Infotect we believe that preparation is key when business are expecting a busy hurricane season, and we are prepared to test your recovery plan so you can be sure that your critical data will still be there after the storm. 

For more information about how you can prepare visit:

Florida Division of Emergency Management

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Why audit?

The purpose of an audit is to objectively test whether or not a system is working to its full potential, and to find weaknesses before they can affect your business. With an audit from Infotect however, you get more. We guide you through our detailed auditing process so you're not left in the dark about anything. We are prepared to simulate and recover a production server or application just so you can be confident in your systems' ability to come back after a major outage. 

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