Big News for Office 2013 – Newest Updates for Office

Have you heard about the newest updates for Office 365? Or that Microsoft will no longer be offering Office 2013 for Home, Business, and Students on PC for download from the Office 365 Portal or account pages? Don’t be concerned just yet, your Office 2013 service won’t cut off immediately, but standard support of Office 365 2013 will only continue through Spring 2018.

 But why stick with Office 2013 if an update to the new and improved version of Office 2016 is free with an Office 365 subscription? If you haven’t noticed already, substantial changes have been made to improve Office 2016 to its full collaboration and ease of usability capacity. Here are some reasons why you should take advantage of these new updates now:

  • 2016 is Built for Teamwork – Tired of peer editing being a long and tedious process? Share your work in Word, Excel and PowerPoint while you’re working on it. Send an invite to share by email and view your fellow contributors’ edits in real time. Being on the same page has never been simpler (literally).
  • Easy Load Attachments -  Ever forget where you put that document that needs to be attached to your email? Introducing recent items from Excel; when you click the attach button, a list of your recent projects will drop down for easy attaching.
  • Smart Lookup – Need to look something up on the web when working on a project? No problem, just highlight what you want to look up, right click, and choose “Smart Lookup”. Powered by Bing, Smart Lookup puts all the information on the web at your fingertips.
  • Easy Load Data – Speaking of pulling information right from the web, Excel now provides an incredibly useful tool called “Get & Transform”. Use the Get & Transform feature to pull data right off a webpage and transform it into a useable Excel table. Creating this connection with information on the web also allows you to quickly update the table as data changes in real time.
  • Tell me -  Need to perform an action but aren’t sure what tool will do the job? Using the “Tell Me” feature, describe in your own words what needs to be done and Office will intelligently guide you through the process, tell you which tools to use and provide additional resources.
  • New Charts – Excel, PowerPoint and Word all offer new chart types for you to visualize your information in innovative ways. TreemapWaterfall and Sunburst are just a few of the new chart types you have with the 2016 update.

If you haven’t updated to the newest version of Microsoft Office 365 you’re missing out! The new features in the 2016 version make collaboration and usability easier than ever. These and more new updates are always made available by Microsoft and you can even sign up to be made an office insider; you see the newest features first, before anyone else.

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