VoIP - Not Just From Your Phone Vendor Any Longer

IP-based phone solution providers come in all shapes and sizes. There is a plethora of business voice over IP (VoIP) solutions ranging from browser plug-ins and mobile apps to digital PBXs that can host thousands of concurrent calls. The cloud evolution has created a crowded and competitive marketplace.  PC Magazine lists OOMA, Google Voice, PhonePower, RCN, and Charter in the top 5 of the business choice awards for 2017.

VoIP is not solely from your phone vendor anymore.  In fact, the move to telephone over the Internet has made the understanding of networking more important.  A good provider needs to understand the considerations of traffic, firewalls and device connectivity.  Business solutions must ensure quality of service and reliability.  These are not traditional “phone vendor” strengths; however, your managed services partner can deliver!

Your Managed IT provider can coordinate your VoIP alongside your IT services.  Points to consider:

·         Do you have both of those services being managed by the same provider?

·         If not, what are the risks that exist when you have two different vendors trying to                       manage these integrated services?

·         Did you build two networks for your phone system?  One built by each vendor?

·         Who do you trust more to plan your next upgrade or lifecycle replacement?

Now consider 3 reasons why you should let your managed service provider manage your VoIP solution:

Network Security

The most significant benefit of having one provider is for your network security. You want to be sure that your entire IT infrastructure is secured. When two vendors are in the picture you can get different security strategies. This could create security holes and confusion. Bundling Managed IT and VoIP together by one provider gives you one point of control and accountability.

Effective Execution

In addition to security, you need an effective execution of your VoIP and your IT services. Designs need to include redundancy, backups, power protection and proper environments. These solutions typically share a common distribution or server room.  Your IT provider was probably the one who designed the original room and sourced the equipment.  Effective execution is something that can be achieved that much easier when these services are bundled.

Avoid Headaches

Multiple vendors on the same network infrastructure will inevitably lead to finger pointing. Hopefully you will not be caught in the middle and the vendor can responsibly solve the issues.  In the end, it may be hard to identify accountability.  Avoid the headaches and get both services managed by your IT provider.

The future of VoIP is a bright one. It simplifies many communications processes, lowers expenses, and adds convenience. Delivering greater flexibility and more features than ever, you will find VoIP on your telephony solution short-list if you have not already migrated.  Be sure to consider your managed services provider for your VoIP solution.